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beeOLED GmbH

beeOLED, founded 2020 by a team of OLED (organic-light-emitting-diodes) veterans and located in Dresden, Germany, is targeting to solve the last big problem of the OLED industry – an efficient & long lasting, deep-blue emitter to improve displays in phones, tablets, laptops, TVs. It’s technology is based on making elementary emission from atoms fit for use in vacuum coated small-molecular OLEDs. This is achieved by deep knowledge about Lanthanide chemistry and it’s application in devices.

Working Student Wanted

still vacant

Field of Physics

Working field:

Physics, Engineering for OLED devices


a Bachelor's Degree or higher

What we offer:

  • Good work-compensation
  • Vacation days
  • Flexible workhours

How to apply:

prefered: by email: