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PausePoint harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to redefine how individuals manage digital communications, whether during intensive work sessions or personal downtime. Our platform intelligently filters notifications, ensuring that only the most important messages reach our users, thereby facilitating deep focus and enhancing overall productivity. At PausePoint, we are dedicated to supporting a balanced approach to connectivity, enabling users to fully engage in their professional tasks or enjoy uninterrupted personal time. Join us in shaping the future of communication management, where efficiency meets peace of mind in both the workplace and beyond.

Entrepreneur Internship - Product Management

Working field:

As intern in product management, your job is making ideas reality. You will be working closely with the founding team to gather and analyze user feedback, bring loose ideas into tangible concepts and work on the implementation with the engineering team.

Practical Examples of Activities:

  • User interviews and analysis
  • Data analytics and website tracking
  • Requirements engineering and preparing user stories
  • Agile process management
  • Software acceptance testing
  • Product marketing

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work in a small team, building a startup from the ground up.
  • The founding team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record in tech and vc.
  • The team is small and hands on, every help is needed. This means working on real problems and having responsibility from day one.
  • Work from a cool co-working space Berlin.

How to apply:

Your application:

When handing in your application, please answer the following questions, so we can align on the general expectations and availability. If our offering suits your needs and vice versa, we could jump on a call, get to know each other better and discuss all details.

What are your expectations towards this internship? What would you like to learn and get out of it?
What skills do you have from previous jobs or internships that we should definitely not do without?